My dog is now a source of joy rather than chronic stress. 


Several weeks ago I took my 65-lb shelter pit-mix into our local hardware store. As I stood in line to have keys copied, Whisky lay at my feet and put his head on the floor. As we waited for the keys, various people came to pet him or compliment me. “What a sweetie.” “Your dog is so calm.” “So well-trained.” “So RELAXED.”  I beamed. On no planet would I have been able to wow a bunch of strangers in a crowded store with an exceptionally chill dog just six months earlier. His deep-seated anxiety problems revealed themselves slowly after his adoption, but they were clearly only getting worse despite (or because of) my initial training efforts. [And when I say “worse” I’m talking potentially dangerous.] Dreamy Skies and Karen turned everything I thought I knew about dogs and training completely upside down, and the results speak for themselves. Karen (patiently) armed me with the tools to build Whisky’s confidence, to teach him to relax, and to deal with bad situations. My dog is now a source of joy rather than chronic stress. I’m a total convert to the Dreamy Skies approach — and a proselytizer as a result.