The day I contacted Karen at Dreamy Skies for help I was in tears and at the end of my rope


I’d had my rescue dog, Henry, for six months and his fear aggression and reactivity was steadily getting worse. The worst had finally happened and he’d bit someone. I had spent thousands on other trainers but the results were short-lived and never stuck. While I cried on the phone to Karen and explained Henry’s behavior, she told me she could help me and it was the first time I’d felt hope in months. We signed up for 8 sessions with Karen and by the 5th session Henry was already acting like a new dog. We have now completed all his sessions and his reactivity has decreased at least 90% and he continues to improve daily. I now actually enjoy taking him on walks which I NEVER thought would happen. He can now pass other dogs and people on the street and not have a meltdown. He sits calmly next to me at cafes and at the park. I won’t lie and say the training is fast and easy. You MUST do the work between sessions, be consistent, and TRUST THE PROCESS. But the peace of mind and stress-free life I have now with my dog was worth every minute of hard work. This training WORKS.

– Brooke H.