Karen at Dreamy Skies is great!

When I rescued my adorkable dog, Goose, from the Humane Society last May I knew he was supposedly dog selective but he turned out to be dog reactive, lunging and growling at any dog no matter how big/small or close/far away.   It was incredibly stressful. It didn’t help that his separation anxiety led to destructive chewing indoors too!  I felt out of my depth and scared that I would have to return this loving goofy dog to the Humane Society if I didn’t find a solution.

I tried multiple trainers before finding Karen and each of them were helpful in a limited fashion but only Karen’s training plan gave me a dog that I can now walk through the neighborhood in peace and take hiking and to the pet store and to brunch on a restaurant patio without fear.  I won’t lie, it was a lot of work for both Goose and me and we still have work to do but watching him play and make friends with Karen’s dogs and go on her client PACK walks (2 things I thought he would never be able to do) has been worth all the hard work over the past 5 months.  

I can’t thank her enough.

-Rachel W.