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There’s a lot to consider when choosing a dog trainer. We get it. Your dog is part of your family and you want to make sure you’re making the very best choices you can for them.

Training is great, but the number one thing that every dog owner should be considering MOST is your relationship with your dog.

Relationships drive our every success, and we here at Dreamy Skies Dog Training DC are relationship experts! 

We want to hear your unique story, get to know you and your family, and create custom programs that are going to work for your life and your dog. No two training programs look alike, even for dogs in the same household! 

The time and effort we dedicate to helping you build the right balance into the relationship with your dog is the foundation for lasting results. We aren’t satisfied until you and your dog are happy and content.

If you’re ready for the type of lasting mutually satisfying relationship you’ve dreamed of with your dog, then Dreamy Skies Dog Training DC is the right choice for your family.

We cover all of the most common (and some of the less-common) issues facing dog owners:

Basic Obedience | Aggression Towards other Dogs or Humans | Separation Anxiety | Jumping on Guests or Counters | Leash Pulling and Reactivity | Barking and Whining | House Training and Marking | Biting, Nipping and Snapping | Destructive Chewing and Digging | Guarding and Territoriality | Hyperactivity and Stress | New Baby | Selective Listening | Socialization Issues | In-home Dog Fighting | Basic Obedience Training | Crate Training | Mouthing/Nip/Biting and play biting modification | House Training | Leash Walking | Constructive Play 

COVID-19 INFO [Updated 2/15/21] : We are currently open and seeing clients in their homes with significant safety protocols in place. For in home sessions we require all participants to wear a mask and to social distance as best as possible. We sanitize all items after each visit to ensure the safety of all clients. For those with health or safety concerns we do offer remote sessions.

"I need to board my dog."

Board & Train, Board, Training Puppy, Training Adult, Puppy Socials/play groups, and more to come!

"I need in-home training."

The very best environment to train your pup is always YOUR house. Let us come to you!

Humans (and pups) love us!

The day I contacted Karen at Dreamy Skies for help I was in tears and at the end of my rope. I’d had my rescue dog, Henry, for six months and his fear aggression and reactivity was steadily getting worse. The worst had finally happened and he’d bit someone. I had spent thousands on other trainers but the results were short-lived and never stuck. While I cried on the phone to Karen and explained Henry’s behavior, she told me she could help me and it was the first time I’d felt hope in months. We signed up for 8 sessions with Karen and by the 5th session Henry was already acting like a new dog. We have now completed all his sessions and his reactivity has decreased at least 90% and he continues to improve daily. I now actually enjoy taking him on walks which I NEVER thought would happen. He can now pass other dogs and people on the street and not have a meltdown. He sits calmly next to me at cafes and at the park. I won’t lie and say the training is fast and easy. You MUST do the work between sessions, be consistent, and TRUST THE PROCESS. But the peace of mind and stress-free life I have now with my dog was worth every minute of hard work. This training WORKS.

– Brooke H.

Karen was honest, calm, experienced, and patient- not only with our dog, but with us too. After working with a different trainer who only used food as motivation for behavior change (which did not work and was expensive), we were hesitant to try another training program- but we had to do something because our little guy shredded paper in the house, stole our clothing and other items, and didn’t know how to behave around bigger dogs without barking like a mad man. He had too many behavior issues to list here! We knew he was a sweet dog with potential, but he had a lot of disruptive behavior issues that would make welcoming our new baby a real problem and possibly dangerous. After only 4 lessons, Karen helped us turn Romeo into the perfect family member and a real gentleman beagle.

– Stephanie L.

Karen has been pleasure to work with. Before Karen we had an extremely reactive dog. Our pup, Isis, would bark, growl, pull, jerk around and do a kangaroo walk anytime she saw another dog. Under Karen’s guidance our Isis no longer does any of this behavior. This was our third trainer. If we knew about Karen, would have saved time and money. Isis was very receptive to the prong and electronic collar. Before we were told to use a gentle leader and harness by previous trainers but those didn’t do anything to help control Isis. After 6 months she is noticeably better behaved and doesn’t freak out with other dogs. While Isis won’t be going to any dog parks and still has bad days, she is 85% better than she was before meeting Karen. If you are at the end of your rope, Karen is the trainer for you.”

– Roberta G.

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